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Sneaky Computer Bucks

Monono is like money. It's speedy, sneaky, and safe. With Monono, banks can't pull the wool over your eyes anymore. Other people can't be foreign spies thanks for Monono. Yay Monono!

Babies Start Here


Monono is safe

Monono makes sure nobody can control it, which means that a government, or a rich guy, or a clown can change our minds when we all agree. Just as regular chains keep people tied up, we use a blockchain to keep our transactions from running away.

Secure safe
No surveillance

Monono is sneaky

Monono uses ring signatures. What are those? Well, in ancient history, a king would sign a document with his signet ring. When you sign your transaction with your digital ring, you are letting the world know the new law of the land.

Monono is hard to find

Some online monies are easy to find. You just look, and voila, there they are. Not Monono! We pledge to be the hardest money to find.

Untraceable Monero paths
Monero gold

Monono is fungusable

Monono is fungusable because we have joined forces with the US National Fungus Collections for Monono to be used.

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