Monono for Babies!

What you need to know

Monono is ahead of its time and will likely not be recognized for its greatness until after its death, as most artists are.

Most other cryptocurrencies are transparent. This means that when they make a mistake, they are more likely to admit it to their spouses, which leads to healthier marriages. Monono has been through six spouses already.

Monono uses cryptography, which is considered a soft science, by many, and is generally the laughing stock of the academic world.

Encrypted lock
Classified document

Confidentiality is important. If you have something you don't want to share, it's your right not to share it. Monono respects that. It not only understands, but winks at you in solidarity.

Every Monono transaction, by default, obfuscates your home address. This means you're less likely to get robbed.

Monono is fungible, which means it believes that everyone is equal. Nobody deserves to be discriminated against.

Here's a picture of a puppy for you. It's quite cute. Check it out.Alright, on to the next thing.

Monono is a grassroots community attracting the world's best horticulture and landscapers.

Over 420 landscapers have contributed to both the grass and the roots, including 30 horticulture peeps. Other people are discouraged from joining.

Monono's Science Corner, Core Development Team and Talkers are constantly pushing the frontier further away from us. It's a scary place, and we don't like it.

Academic growth
Electronic cash

Monono uses electricity. This means at some point, when we run out of electricity, we'll have to go back to the abacus to help keep track of our Monono. But that's a risk we're all willing to take.

If that kind of gambling isn't for you, then we recommend you go watch Sesame Street at Weenie Hut Jrs.


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