Often Addressed Inquiries

It doesn't really, but if we all believe in it hard enough, then it magically will. This is how economics works.

It's pretty hard to find, but if you're lucky enough to see a Monono in the wild, you can try to catch it. Just be careful of their sharp and poisonous pinchers!

Really? Come on. An apple tree seed grows apple trees. A mnemonic seed grows mnemonics. Pay attention in school, people.

This gets a little technical, so buckle up. Basically, Monono wears masks before it pulls off a heist, meaning even if someone is seen on camera, it's very difficult for the po po to track down the guys. Other coins do their heists without masks like idiots.

When you throw a small rock into the water, it syncs slower than if you threw a heavy one. This is because physics exists. We recommend putting more Monono in your wallet to get it to sync faster.

Lightweight wallets are made from feathers and normal ones are made from iron. Lightweight variants are definitely more convenient, but you're not really challenging yourself in everyday life. Do you want to go through your life not knowing if you could have done it?

Bitcoin is a serious currency backed by the illuminati. Monono is something like a resistance group that doesn't accept the illuminati's authority, and as such, any supporter is likely to face discrimination. You have been forewarned.

No. You can bring whatever size blocks you like into the Monono headquarters. We don't discriminate based on the size of your block, although some would say that size does matter.

It's a digital chain. Just as a real life chain keeps a human contained, a blockchain makes sure our transactions don't run away.

Kovri is a new type of drink that mixes Cacao and Coffee. If you merge those two words together you get Kovri.

Fungibility says that everything is the same. You, me, a grasshopper. All of us are interchangeable, and nobody is special. Get used to it. We're all expendable. It's a tough world out there.

Because you can't make anything out of air that is thin. Duh! The creation of any raw material requires air AT LEAST 50 centimeters in diameter.

Goodness the education system has gotten really bad.

Your school will be hearing from my lawyer.

Yes. Monono is the equivalent of casing a Sneak Spell on yourself. Please see Harry Potter for details.

There is no such thing as 100% anonymous. 99.9999999% yes.

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