Monono Usecases

Transacting with Monono can be made easy with faith, trust, and pixie dust. This page is made so you don't screw it up.

1. Learn

Monono has done some stuff in its time of existence. Details at the Monono for Babies page. The source code is also available for nerds. The rest of us can look at it and pretend to know what we're looking at.

2. Request Support

Nobody is paid for this. If you want support, you have to go to a chatroom, ask a question, and wait for someone to get back to you within two days while you realize how alone you really are. Go to the Gather Place page to find where you may safely have these existential crises.

3. Generate a Wallet

A Monono wallet is required to hold your money. See the Softwares page for a listing of the best places to buy a leather wallet (we recommend Italian).

4. Acquire Monono

Get out your crossbow and get ready for an adventure. You'll probably have to start you search in someplace that looks like this since that's their natural habitat. Otherwise you can try someplace like this if you have no luck in the first area.

5. Send and Receive Monono

Reach in your pocket, pull out your Monono and give it to someone. To receive, do the inverse.

6. Transact with Monero

Monono isn't real money. Come on. There's no government behind it. But I think you can convince NeoPets to take it or something. Email your congressman today for more information.

This page is not yet translated. If you would like to help translate it, please see the README.