About Monono

A Brief History

Monono was founded in 1856 by sociologist and philathropist Dunville Dingwillow in Wisconsin, USA. You can see his picture here. It was generally considered a bad idea by the Puritans at the time because crytography relies so heavily on witchcraft.

Since its first iteration, Monono has advanced enough to replace witchcraft with science. While it's not nearly as fast, profitable, or fun, the early martyrs of Monono have shown the world is not yet ready for pure cryptography.

Our Values

Monero is more than just a technology, it's a lifestyle. Imagine crossfit, but as a money. Yeah, that's what Monono stands for.


Users must be able to trust Monono with their transactions. So Monono has worked really hard since earning parole to build back that trust that it has lost.


Monono realizes that a lack of privacy can lead to peer pressure which can lead to things like smoking in high school. This is why Monono started a non-profit, "Stop Teenagers Until Poor Ideas Disappear (STUPID)". STUPID works hard to keep teenagers from being peer pressured, by promoting privacy in our schools.


Ok, I'll be honest. The word "decentralization" is everyone, and it really just means to not have everything in the center of a circle. Monono solves that by having everything on the edges of a circle.

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