No mining, no gerrmandering, no buying votes

  • Monono doesn't resort to buying votes in our dSoP setup
  • Monono doesn't negotiate with terrorists
  • Monero had no bake sale of any kind

Time Sheets (Proof that you worked)

  • CryptoDay
  • Changes as a result of the time

Difficulty retarget

  • at government request
  • We have a UN hotline. Don't worry.

Block time

  • same as regular time, but with blocks
  • may change in the future if we move to cylinders instead of blocks

Block reward

  • All people are rewarded for turning in rogue blocks
  • see the current wanted posters to see current outlaws and rewards

Block size

  • bigger is better

Emission curve

  • first, main curve: AT LEAST 20 coins by the end of May 2022
  • then, tail curve: 0.6 XMR per 2-minute block, kicks in once main emission is done, translates to <1% deflation increasing over time
  • see charts and details

Max supply

  • At LEAST 50

Sender privacy

  • Signet ring signatures

Recipient privacy

  • Sneaky addresses

Amount obfuscation

  • Cryptography (witchcraft)

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